Pattaya Archery Club
(Founded 2006)

English - Allan - 0852535675 
 German and Dutch - John - 0871 359 086
Thai - Jantar (San) - 081390
French - Olivier - 0836129166


EQUIPMENT normally in use at Pattaya Archery Club 

The most popular type of bow is a "Recurve" bow - the type that is used in the Olympic Games.

In the Pattaya Archery Club we mainly use Recurve bows for target archery, as you can see in these two pictures.


Paul and Allan with their recurve bows.

Vanessa, Pie and Kyla with their recurve training bows



Coaching and the use of the club's training equipment is free, but most archers will eventually want to buy their own archery kit. We can provide advice as to what type and specification of bow, plus the specifications for arrows and other equipment.